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Well Child Exams in Omaha, NE

Well Child Exams in Omaha, NE

Well child exams are a form of preventive medicine. They are designed to monitor your child's health as well as their growth both physically and mentally. When you first become a parent, your doctor will suggest that you bring your baby in quite often. As the child grows, these visits will become less frequent, and once they reach the age of two, visits are typically recommended once a year.

To schedule a well child exam, please call (402) 810-7554 or contact Miracle Hills Primary Care Center online.

The Goals of a Well Child Exam

A young child develops very quickly, and working with your doctor can ensure that they are keeping up with the recommended developmental milestones for their specific age. Your doctor will also keep records of their height, weight, and head circumference to make sure that their growth is consistent. These records are meant to identify health conditions such as childhood obesity before it becomes a health risk.

Office visits are also a great opportunity for your doctor to educate you on nutrition, sleep, safety, and seasonal illnesses while answering any questions you may have. These questions could cover topics such as eating, sleeping, potty training, social behavior, and the child's ability to learn new things.

The Complete Physical Exam

After a consultation, your doctor will typically perform a number of physical examinations for children. These include:

  • Heart and lung exam
  • Reflexes for older kids
  • Hip and leg joint inspections for younger children
  • Percussion (tapping) to check the size of the stomach
  • Ophthalmic (eye) exam
  • Ear exam to check for infections
  • Mouth exam to check for thrush in babies or to check for teeth
  • Skin exam to look for signs of rashes

After the exam, your child will also receive their scheduled set of immunizations, as well as any vaccinations for seasonal diseases such as the flu.

Schedule Your Well Child Exam

No parent wants their children to become ill, and working with a doctor can ensure your child remains as healthy as possible. Teaching your child healthy habits when they are young will help them enjoy a healthy life as adults. A major part of this is route well child checks. To schedule a well child exam, please call (402) 810-7554 or contact Miracle Hills Primary Care Center online.

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